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For the cricket beginner or novice, cricket often appears very confusing. After learning the basics of this interesting sport, you will soon discover there is not much to cricket. Visit the following cricket pages and sites to gain an understanding of the game, cricket terminology, and methods of playing cricket.

Common Cricket Terminology
For the uninitiated, common cricket terms and slang which are used every day in the sport of cricket, can sometimes seem like a foreign language. So you can familiarise yourself with the "language" of cricket, we have written a comprehensive glossary of common terms and slang used by both  players and spectators alike.

Cricket Fielding Positions and Pitch Layout
Familiarise yourself with cricket fielding positions, pitch dimensions and the wickets. Our graphic images make it easy for you to understand what-is-what when it comes to cricket and facts about the pitch.

Cricket Coach - Batting
The links we have selected for you will show you how to perform a particular batting stroke. The individual pages provide both written and pictorial instruction in all the classic batting strokes.

Cricket Coach - Bowling
The links we have selected for you will show you how to bowl like the pro's. The individual pages provide both written and pictorial instructions on all the classic bowling deliveries. Pros have even been known to look at CCTV cameras videos to improve their game.

Cricket Coach - Fielding
Instruction in all the basic methods of fielding in both a written and pictorial format.

Coaching Clinic
Current champions Shane Warne and Michael Slater, and retired legends Ian Healy and Simon O'Donnell, show you how to play this great game of  cricket. The Coaching Clinic features videos for you to watch over and over again to help you improve your game.

Cricket Explained
A comprehensive and detailed explanation of the game, how it is played, laws, equipment used, and methods of play. This page is a "must see" for everyone new to the game.

One Day Cricket Explained
A form of cricket normally restricted to 50 overs per side, one day cricket is an exciting variation of the sport.

Test Match Cricket - An Explanation
An explanation of test cricket, how it is played and how it actually came about. Test cricket is considered to be the ultimate form of the sport.

Preparing Your Cricket Bat - Knocking In
Almost all new cricket bats require knocking in before use. Knocking in, is the process of hardening and conditioning of the blades' surface.



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