Ashes Cricket Fans in for a Shock



Ashes Cricket Fans in for a Shock

Ashes Cricket Fans in for a ShockNews by Shane Dell 18/01/2006

If one was to believe the advice being offered on England cricket forums regarding traveling to Australia for the 2006/07 Ashes Cricket Series and the ease England fans will have in obtaining tickets, then one would also believe in the existence of the tooth fairy.

The advice being given by England fans who have previously “holidayed” in Australia over past series is that anyone intending to visit will be able to obtain tickets when they want with the ease of buying fish and chips. Granted, Aussies had very little interest in past series when psychologically damaged England teams who had very little hope of competing visited, but it is a whole new ball game since England reclaimed the Ashes title during the 2005 series in England.....Australia is out for revenge and every Aussie cricket fan wants to see it happen.

Tickets for the coming series will sell out in days of being released. Interest in Australia is totally unprecedented and Aussie fans are already penciling in the dates for which they will buy tickets and that is even before Cricket Australia has released details of when and where Ashes Tickets will be sold. There’s not one red blooded Aussie cricket fan that will take a chance on missing the almighty Australian Juggeranut reclaiming the title which was theirs for almost 17 years.

Cricket Australia is expected to release details of Ashes Series ticket sales in early February and it is anticipated that sales will commence no later than June, months before they normally would for an Aussie summer series. No doubt as a result of this early release, matches will be sold out very quickly. When you add to that the fact Cricket Australia is going to limit the number of tickets available to England fans coming to Australia, with the view to maximising opportunities for Aussie fans to get the majority of tickets, then those who fail to get their tickets before traveling to Australia may as well stay home and spend their money on a good quality television and cable broadcast, because it is likely that is the only way they will get to see an Ashes test match played downunder.

One foolish piece of advice I read on an England Cricket forum (BBC) was that because Aussie grounds are so big, tickets are always available for matches because they never fill the grounds here. One must seriously consider the sanity of any fool that makes that sort of statement. At the very least, this goose has no idea what is what downunder. Take the Boxing Day Test played at the MCG for example, even when the Aussies are up against a minor team, a crowd of no less than about 60,000 can be expected on the first day at the G. Boxing Day cricket is a family tradition for many in Melbourne and you go and put an England team on this ground who pummelled the Aussies senseless last time around and what you have will be a sellout event.

One really has to wonder if the fool that wrote that statement on the BBC forum has even been to Australia, let alone an Ashes Test match, he obviously missed the last series....maybe he couldn’t get tickets!

Sure, Aussie Test cricket crowds have been down a little over the last few years, but this is THE ASHES. Australia v England downunder in 2006/07 will smash all ground attendance records and if the advice on England cricket forums is followed, the majority of those in attendance at these matches will be Aussies, because the England fans will have got it all wrong by listening to fools who don’t know what they are talking about.

If you’re an England fan planning on traveling to Australia for the coming Series, make sure you have a ticket long before you book your flight.....they’re won’t be any here for you. But, that’s not a problem, you’ll get to increase the patronage of our pubs whilst you swill down icey cold Aussie beer and catch glimpses of the cricket on tele across the other side of the crowded bar.


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